Welcome to our new blog!

Polychain Labs was founded in 2018 by a trio of engineers from Coinbase, Google and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to provide secure, institutional grade staking services. We’ve long believed in the potential of programmable money and are excited to continue pushing forward the state of the art through proof-of-stake networks.

Done right, proof-of-stake networks offer scaling, efficiency, and governance improvements over existing layer 1 protocols. But this comes with novel security challenges. Protecting online key material, and managing the risk of slashing requires new architecture patterns, hardening, and methods for secure cryptographic signatures. We’re excited to maturing solutions across these areas and more.

Presently we’re operating some of the largest staking operations across the Tezos, Cosmos, and Terra networks. We’ll continue to help these networks scale, while using this experience to help us confidently launch validators on several more networks that we’re incubating.

We also believe that staking is not a zero-sum game and there’s no shortage of work towards scaling programmable money so we’ll continue to liberally open sourcing the tools we’ve built. To date we’ve shared a hardened HSM signer on Tezos, Key derivation tools and a Seed Node for Tendermint networks like Cosmos and Terra with more to come.

Follow us on Gitlab, Twitter or here to stay in touch as we all work towards a more distributed future!